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Who Can Serve Papers?

We can.  In most states, a Sheriff, Marshall, Constable, or Registered Process Server can serve legal documents. We are Certified Private Process Servers for the State of Arizona. In some states, anyone can serve the papers as long as they’re not a party to the action – and over the age of 18.

How Does it Work?

In Arizona, a Certified Private Process Server delivers (serves) the legal documents to the individual or defendant in person. Just like a Sheriff or Marshall would. It’s quite simple, actually. Sometimes, the documents may be delivered by certified mail or sub-served to an adult residing in the same dwelling.

How Much Does it Cost to Have Papers Served?

The cost to serve legal documents is usually anywhere between $30.00 – $100.00.  It depends on how tough the serve is. Many times mileage and document printing fees will add to the cost – as well as a “skip trace.” States and Counties may have set limits on the amount that it will cost you. Rush serves will most likely cost you extra.

What if You Can't Find the Person?

Unfortunately, this does happen sometimes. You may be able to serve the defendant through publication – as long as you can prove that you did your due diligence in trying to find your subject.

Are You Licensed?

Of course.  We are Certified Private Process Servers in the County of Pima, State of Arizona.  I can server papers and legal documents anywhere in the State.  There are some exceptions, like Indian reservations. We service mostly the counties of Pima and Santa Cruz.

Will You Find the Person For Me?

Yes.  That’s where we excel.  We know and work with some of the best Private Investigator’s in the country.

Will You File the Papers with the Court?

We normally do not file the papers for you. That being said, we can certainly handle this for you – but there will be additional costs.

Can I serve Papers Myself?

The short answer is ‘NO.’ If you are involved in the case, or taking someone to court – you cannot legally serve legal documents. As an individual 18 years of age or older – some states do allow you to serve papers for another party – if you are not involved.

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