You Need a Private Investigation – That’s What We Do

All Private Investigations are conducted through Unger Investigations at American Information Specialists

Private Background Check

Do you have need to perform a background check on someone? Maybe you are thinking of suing someone. Or, your widowed Mother has a new boyfriend. Suspicious activity in your neighborhood? We can help.

Employee Background Check

Are you on a hiring spree? Bad hires cost money. Employee background checks are legal as long as you comply with the law. We can supply critical details to help you make the right decision.

Criminal Background Check

Again, perfectly legal if you comply with the law. Daughter have a new “friend?” Money disappearing from your cash register? Protect your business and loved ones with a thorough criminal background check.

Renter Background Check

Probably our most popular type of Background Check. Property owners are tired of getting stuck with damage to their property and non-payment of monthly rents. Take care of it BEOFORE you rent!

Pre-Marital Background Check

New love? Get the details with a background check on your new mate. Fast, discreet, accurate. Lifelong commitments demand special attention. Get the facts for peace of mind.

We don’t collect email addresses

We don’t spam you

We protect your identity

There is no registration sign-up or contract

There are no monthly or on-going charges

We do not collect any credit card information from you

Fast, Accurate, Discreet – and Awesome!

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