Need Someone Served? That’s What We Do



With over 20 years in the process service and skip tracing industry, you can count on us to get the job done. No serve is beyond our capabilities. We specialize in those tough serves.


We know what it takes to complete the job in an efficient, professional matter. Following the law, maintaining a professional appearance and demeanor all add up.


We are Certified Private Process Servers in Pima County, Arizona. With on-going training, proper licensing, and knowledge of all Process Service laws – we deliver.

Most Serves Just $68

Very Flexible Pricing

We’re very flexible in our pricing. It kind of depends upon the information you give us to start with. Some Process Serves are easier than others, and we’ve been known to adjust our pricing, down, accordingly. We offer discounts for multiple orders, and, of course, we take very good care of our repeat customers. You’ll never use anyone else for your Service of Process and Skip Tracing needs. Simply click on the link below to get started – or call us directly at 619-865-5421.

Service of Process

Provide us with your Subject’s name and address and we’ll take it from there. We’ll get your Subject served fast and professionally.

  • Proper Documents Served
  • Identify the Proper Subject
  • GPS Photos of Serve Location
  • Photos of Vehicles
  • Timestamped Through GPS
  • 4 Attempts (Or More)
  • Accurate Billing – No Surprises
  • Proper Filing of Paperwork

Skip Tracing/Find People

Provide us with your Subject’s name and last known address and we’ll find their new information.

  • New, Verified Address
  • Mailing Address(s)
  • Probable Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Close Relatives
  • Business Address(s)
  • Additional Information – If Needed
  • No Locate – No Charge

The Service of Process Flow

Supply Us With the Following

Simply send us the last known address information on your subject along with any other pertinent information. Email attachments are preferred, but please feel free to mail anything to us to us. We’ll keep you informed.

The Serve

We take the contact/address information you provided, verify that information with what is already in the “system,” and then get to work. We also skip trace the subject. We don’t mess around, and usually make the first serve attempt within a day or two. There are no additional fees for “RUSH” Service.

Accurate, Verified Information

This is what it comes down to. You need accurate information – we deliver. We try to verify everything with at least two pieces of documentation – and take extra steps to make sure you are receiving the most accurate information available.

Get in Touch With A HUman

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For all of your Process Service needs. Call us any time – or simply fill out the Contact Form here. We’re quick – expect a response within minutes.


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